[Consortium] problem about inclusion of Ubuntu

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Thu Mar 23 10:49:00 EST 2006

Hi Jaromil,

> linking with hardware manufacturers has been mentioned (and done?)

We've done some work in this area at the Sounds Expo trade shows, 
talking to companies like RME, and also to companies who now use Linux 
in their products, e.g. Korg.

>>All projects were at some point in their starting phase. That fact alone
>>should therefore not be taken as a measure of their current or future
>>success, or their eligibility for the Linuxaudio.org membership...
> so if post the 0.1 of my new little sw used by me and my cousin in a
> performance, i can already be part of the consortium?

I guess if they've got something to contribute, I don't see why not. 
Trade organisations often have an 'entry bar' so they don't have to deal 
with small outfits, such as a high annual fee - I don't see why 
linuxaudio.org should have that, given that some people give a great 
deal of their own time even though they don't have much money to spare.

> who takes decisions and how?

The formal structure is laid out in the Policy document:


Ico serves as the current Director. However most decisions seem to get 
made informally, by consensus.



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