[Consortium] Logo update

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico.bukvic at gmail.com
Mon May 22 10:47:28 EDT 2006

> The penguin and letters sharp and distortion free with their relative
> positioning intact is all the consistency we need. If somone would be so
> careless to place the frameless black version on very dark brown, it would
> have
> to be someone with such a lack of design skill that all hope would be lost
> anyway ;)

Yet, the Internet teems with such atrocious examples. Your point is valid
nonetheless, as ultimately those same designers may make a bad choice no
matter what kind of a logo selection we furnish... Still, there is a part of
me which wants to make [at least online] logo as much idiot-proof as
possible. Hence my genuine interest in the latest version.

> > Ironically, all this is moot since I love the latest proposed logos on
> black
> > background :-) .Perhaps we should provide them with the black part being
> > transparent so that it is more easily blended with whatever background--
> as a
> > matter of fact we could simply keep these since if they are placed
> against a
> > white background, we in effect get the current logo anyhow...
> I think it would be best to go with only the rectangular versions of this
> set
> for the bright on dark case. You can't see it on black, but the shapes
> have
> black outlines, as that is much nicer with coloured backgrounds.
> For a website with a bright orange, green or whatever background, I myself
> would most likely not want to have a box around the logo.
> Finaly, a recangle with rounded corners is a very weak shape regarding

I do agree that the square frame with rounded edges definitely struggles to
establish its own unique identity due to plethora of precedents. For this
reason, my take is that having one sharp corner to complement the "ground
line" under penguin's feet (as suggested in my previous e-mail), would allow
for that sense of "freshness." OTOH, the logo with an elliptical frame
definitely looks refreshing and on a busy page its b&w format will
inadvertently draw attention.

> recognition. The penguin and text makes for a strong shape, where any
> addition can only take away from.

We both have agreed, however, that the inverted logo by itself (the last one
in the set with the black background) is inadequate. Hence, this in and of
itself will not suffice.

> For tomorrow I hope to get around to testing the logo with a printer.
> Afterwards I will quite likely adjust the line width for the penguin.
> That should be the last tweaks for real, then :)
> BTW, an interesting quote from #lad as reaction to the logo as seen
> on my last blog post:
> "ugly :(
> (...)
> If people from windows world look the logo they still think all our audio
> software is running in 8bit and have text only (or worse, motif)
> interface"
> I got angry, but now I also see an amusing aspect :)

I'd say, you are wasting your precious brain cycles on a total flame. The
logo has been out there to be commented upon for quite some time, and for
such a comment to arrive this late in the process is neither constructive
nor useful. Personally, I am convinced that the current logo not only meets
all the programmatic/aesthetic needs, but also satisfies all of the
pragmatic considerations.

Best wishes,


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