[Consortium] Call for project updates

Reinhard suamor at web.de
Sun May 28 15:11:49 EDT 2006

Hi Ico,

Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
> Greetings all,
> Following a very exciting LAC conference, please allow me to extend an
> invitation to all Linuxaudio.org members to please forward the relevant
> summary of the latest developments in the area of their specific projects
> and/or creative endeavors. It is our aim to supply monthly updates regarding
> our members' activities and with it provide additional exposure as well as
> up-to-date information.
> For this purpose a single paragraph should suffice.

Nearly no progress on Canorus, I discussed with Matevz Jekovec some ideas
but we were mainly busy the last month fixing bugs and putting out
the release candidate for NoteEdit 2.8.1. But this should change soon
as the candidate is out now.

Slightly OT: There is a wrong link on the quicktoots page, pointing to the
old address for the Linux Audio User mailing list.



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