[Consortium] Call for project updates

Pieter Palmers pieterp at joow.be
Mon May 29 03:39:44 EDT 2006

Daniel Wagner wrote:
>> For this purpose a single paragraph should suffice.
> The FreeBoB project will release this week its first release. This 
> release will support many BeBoB based products with some basic 
> operations. We already work very hard on the next version which should
> then give some more control over the devices like sync selection etc.
> daniel

I would make it a little more verbose:

The FreeBoB project will release its first public version this week. 
This release will support BeBoB based Firewire audio breakout boxes. 
Among these are for example the Roland/Edirol FA-101, Terratec Phase FW 
series and the Presonus FirePod/FireBox. A more elaborate list can be 
found on the FreeBoB website (freebob.sf.net).

The support is not complete yet, but all the basic things are present:
- jackd support
- Analog I/O at all samplerates supported by the device
- Digital I/O, depending on the format and firmware config.
- MIDI support through ALSA-Sequencer

Experimental support for:
- multiple devices on the bus using external sync

Not supported yet:
- hardware zero-latency mixer control
- extended device configuration controls (front/back switches, sync 
modes, ...)
- native ALSA support (the alsa<->jack plugin works though)

Minimal roundtrip audio loopback latencies are, depending on your 
system, around 5-10ms.

We are already working very hard on the next version, which will give 
more control over the devices. This includes mixer support, software 
sync source selection, firmware download. It will also extend the 
support for combining multiple devices.

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