[Consortium] RE: re: VST licensing progress

Victor Lazzarini victor.lazzarini at nuim.ie
Sat Nov 4 07:02:19 EST 2006

I would prefer if we can negotiate an agreement
with Steinberg for re-distribution of their
headers. It would cut on the complication involved
in the other solutions offered here.


> > Would it be possible to compile the headers for the VST
> > separately, and then link them as a external library?
> > Audacity does this with LAME. It can use the library,
> > but you just have to download a separate binary. It's
> not the best solution from a software libre standpoint,
> > but might avoid the issues of licensing.
> Interesting...
> AFAIK, this would still require each end-user to deal with
> downloading SDK from Steinberg before compiling the lib.
> So, yes, it would make it easier when dealing with
> multiple VST-dependent apps, but it would still not
> alleviate the overhead like the arrangement we are
> currently hoping for. In addition, it would prevent
> distributions from pre-packaging the lib making the
> out-of-box experience likely less "polished" (although
> granted, we could shrink-wrap the entire process via some
> kind of an user-friendly post-install process). Perhaps
> this could be our plan "C"?
> Anyone else care to comment?
> Ico
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