[Consortium] Linuxaudio.org seeking volunteer help

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Sat Oct 7 23:16:39 EDT 2006

October 7, 2006 -- Linuxaudio.org announces new staff openings

If applicable, please forward to your respective mailing lists.


With increasing membership and expanding services, Linuxaudio.org is 
experiencing growing pains. As a result, the existing staff is overwhelmed
with day-to-day operations, which is making overseeing long-term strategic 
goals, increasingly difficult. For this reason, we would like to invite 
LAU/LAD members, to consider joining our staff in order to help keep up with

the daily activities. Committing to Linuxaudio.org has never been easier as 
the service term for these is very flexible: once you commit to any of the 
duties stated below, you will be able to back out at any time (obviously 
advance notice will be very much appreciated).

Please note that these are currently volunteer positions (something that may

change in the future, but one should probably not apply for these in hopes 
that this will happen anytime soon). The benefits include:

1) free membership
2) credit where credit is due
3) references/letters of support
4) PR for your work and your project (if applicable)
5) recognition within the Linuxaudio.org, Linux audio community, and beyond

Please see the list of vacancies below:

1) Linuxaudio.org Webmaster (1 position)
Duties: Update content, monitor consortium mailing lists for new updates, 
actively participate in the management discussions/meetings.
Prerequisites: fluent English, active member of the Linux audio community.

2) Docs.linuxaudio.org creator/Webmaster (2-4 positions)
Duties: Design a template for the documentation project (i.e. Wiki), solicit
and format documentation submitted by others, write documentation for 
software projects while maintaining unified framework (i.e. similar to ALSA 
soundcard Matrix install how-to), participate in the consortium mailing
Prerequisites: solid English writing skills, active member of the Linux
audio community, familiarity with HTML/CSS, optimized Web graphics 
editing/creating skills preferred (i.e. Gimp).

3) Project Updates and Press Release Summary Writer (2 positions)
Duties: Solicit new updates from members using consortium mailing list, 
forward monthly summary to the Linuxaudio.org Webmaster for online posting, 
compile Press Releases for relevant stories, participate in the consortium 
mailing list.
Prerequisites: solid English writing skills, active member of the Linux
audio community, past writing experience preferred.

4) Freelance Writers/Interviewers (unlimited number of positions)
Duties: submit monthly (or bi-weekly) articles to the Linuxaudio.org (topics
are left to your choice as long as they are relevant to our agenda), writers

are strongly encouraged to develop a topic-driven periodical with revolving 
topics which are pertinent to membership and the Linuxaudio.org's mission 
(i.e. member project interviews, how-tos, updates, etc.), participate in the
consortium mailing list.
Prerequisites: solid English writing skills, active member of the Linux
audio community, past writing experience preferred.

5) Membership recruiters (2 positions)
Duties: recruit new members for Linuxaudio.org primarily focusing on the
relevant projects within the Linux community, report new members to director
for bi-monthly updates, coordinate with other recruiters, participate in the

consortium mailing list and management list.
Prerequisites: strong communication/recruitment skills, solid English,
preferably active member of the Linux audio community.

Please note that the consortium mailing list is relatively low-volume, so
keeping up with it should not cause you much of an overhead. Similarly, most
of the aforesaid positions bear low overhead requiring no more than a few
hours per week of your time.

Again, if interested, please contact Linuxaudio.org director at

Linuxaudio.org is now bigger and stronger than ever and we hope to continue
to grow until we encompass most if not all libre Linux audio projects, as
well as allied corporate vendors, institutions, artists, and non-profit
organizations, therefore allowing us to best represent, nurture, and protect
interests of this vibrant community. Linux audio scene is already a very
powerful branch of the Linux scene and with the help of Linuxaudio.org we
can make great things happen. For this reason, we hope you will consider
partaking in this new exciting initiative by Linuxaudio.org.

Linuxaudio.org is a not-for-profit consortium of libre software
projects and artists, companies, institutions, organizations, and
hardware vendors using Linux kernel-based systems and allied libre software
for audio-related work, with an emphasis on professional tools for 
the music, production, recording, and broadcast industries. The consortium
aims to co-ordinate joint projects between members, collaborate on the 
promotion of Linux based systems for audio tasks, offer programs beneficial 
to members and subsequently its mission, and provide a single point of 
contact for prospective industry partners.

More information on the Linuxaudio.org consortium can be obtained by


Press contacts: Ivica Ico Bukvic at (ico at linuxaudio dot org)


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