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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Apr 1 11:45:37 EDT 2007

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I've recv. > 5 independent remarks that linuxaudio.org should provide
services for developers - similar to sourceforge.net! (again no April
fools' here)

There are already some efforts (eg. download.linuxaudio.org) but none of
which is end-developer friendly :) - we figured that providing end-user
resources is easier to implement and linuxaudio.org lacks manpower.. -
but I dare say we'll get there at last.

unless *YOU* volunteer, we won't re-implement sf.net on linuxaudio.org -
 but we will aim towards some devel-CMS!
Here are a few ideas:

 * web-space (1)
 * bug-tracking system (2)
 * code repository (3)

 - no [per-project] forum (6)
 - no file-release repo (5)
 - no [automatic] per-project mailing lists (4)

(1) we can use one of the currently avail. platforms
   wiki (dokuwiki) or CMS (drupal)
   AND/OR allow to rsync custom project-web-space (static html only).
   - for custom solutions we don't see a problem to add vhosts&accounts
   (plus database,cgi), but this won't be an open-registration platform.

(1a) we are also working on re-organizing the vhost names and namespaces
   merging old content into new CMS.. stay tuned.
   any content with a dubious license is currently being moved to

(2) bugzilla ? mantis ? trac ?- any volunteers, experts?

(3) subversion seems to be the common denominator!
    we can provide import/export (from darcs,cvs,git,..) scripts.
    and/or have each project choose it's flavor!

    - our current server runs osX and older versions of RC-software,
    we'll get a linux-box for this around July and revisit this issue.
    I'll volunteer to do the git & gitweb setup.. darcs,svn&cvs are
    still open..

(4) once we've consolidated the server backend - you can request new
mailing-lists to be hosted at linuxaudio.org!

(5) frankly: the sf.net file-release system sucks! and so do most
www-interactive file-browsers. - there are many possible solutions, all
with a twist in the details: no spam, little admin-overhead (accounts),
accessible from any OS,... - my current favorite is to have an incoming/
folder (alike sf.net) and a small custom web-CGI that allows
project-admins to *rsync* a subtree of incoming/ to their
download.linuxaudio.org web-space! - (we can allow to write to incoming/
via ftp,webdav,rsync,.. )

(6) once there are Forums on linuxaudio.org we can revisit the
per-project forum idea... ;) - drupal should already be able to do it!


There are a few general issues (eg. shared accounts/passwords, HTTPS/SSL
certs, proxy/cache ) to be addressed, before we start new web-project.
..just takes some time..

However I'm pleased to announce that we've now got a stable&clean web-
and mail-server setup (including backups, log-analysis -rotation,..
etc.) - and started fine-tuning both performance and security issues;
look&feel will improve further down the road.

robin, for the linuxaudio.org team
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