[Consortium] [ANN] Aldrin 0.11 (Terra)

Leonard Ritter contact at leonard-ritter.com
Sun Mar 4 19:25:21 EST 2007

Aldrin is an open source modular music sequencer/tracker for the GNU/Linux operating system.

We're proud to announce the release of Aldrin 0.11 (Terra).

This release is the third release of the "planet" release cycle. Aldrin
has been transitioned entirely from wxWidgets to GTK+.

Here is a short overview of the most relevant features introduced in
this version:

      * The overall layout of the application has been reworked. Play
        controls and time bar have been merged into a transport bar. The
        Master slider is now on the right. Most toolbar buttons have
        been changed to tabs.
      * MIDI learn allows you to associate a parameter with a MIDI
        controller more intuitively by simply moving the controller you
        would like to bind to.
      * Various wording changes.
      * Numerous bugs fixed.

Enjoy this new version and visit us on #aldrin on freenode.net, or
subscribe to the Aldrin mailing list.


Leonard Ritter

-- Freelance Art & Logic
-- http://www.leonard-ritter.com

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