[Consortium] Made in Linux Vol.2

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Thu Feb 14 09:24:03 EST 2008

> Hi Ico,
> > 3) recruit a jury who will judge submissions
> Sometimes it's better to have a benevolent dictator approach in matters
> of taste :-) If there are lots of people who'd like to have a go at
> this, maybe we could have a series, where each disc has a personal
> selection on it.

Perhaps. But in order to gain credibility of the series as a resource of
good quality art (even though ironically, such selection process is
unavoidably subjective), there has to be a selection process. Otherwise, the
end product could be seen as self-serving and as such worthless to our
mission. Basically, I am hoping to see people exploring the series not
because of its "geek potential" but rather as an important contribution to
the arts that happens to be coming from the Linux community. Again, I am
aware that selection process of art by jury is inherently subjective and as
such biased, but having the process in and of itself will help tip the
scales in terms of how the series are valued and/or perceived.

> I really enjoyed putting together the first disc, although in retrospect
> there were some mistakes in the mastering. I'm happy to re-master it now
> that I have more experience with JAMin, if there's any interest in me
> doing that.

Sure thing!

> > 4) oversee the judging process, and inform the participants of their
> > submission's acceptance and/or rejection
> Maybe the tracks which don't make the disc should be available on the
> website. Popularity isn't everything, but they could be rated up or down
> by listeners, and then the highest rated tracks be added to an Icecast
> playlist. Vorbis high bitrate stream, of course :-)

You are absolutely right. There is a radio.linuxaudio.org project we are
hoping to start but it like many other facets of lao is missing manpower...

That being said, the CD project is not about popularity, rather credibility
(see above). Besides, just like conference calls, pieces that may not make
it this year just may be picked by the next year's jury whose composition
and consequently aesthetic taste will undoubtedly be different.

> > 5) ensure that the licensing of the works is taken care of with selected
> > artists
> I found there was really no consensus on this issue. We had the full
> range from 'public domain' to 'all rights reserved' on the first disc.
> If we insist on certain licences, then we'll exclude a great number of
> artists.

Please pardon my lack of clarity. What I meant is making sure that we gather
accurate licensing data from each artist in order to provide this important
bit of information to protect their rights and consequently cover our
behinds in terms of legal matters.

Best wishes,


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