[Consortium] FW: [piksel] Fwd: [estudiolivre] I believe in cinelerra

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Sat Jan 19 04:22:28 EST 2008

Hi Cory,

> The more I looked around though I started looking at
> projects like KDEnlive and Open Movie Editor. They are starting slow but
> IMO have a better base in which to start from.

I totally agree. I personally think that linuxaudio.org should support 
the Open Movie Editor project, for two big reasons:

1. OME is the only video editor I've ever used which has JACK support. 
(If there are others, please let me know).

2. The lone developer, Richard, is extremely responsive to community 
feedback and interaction. He even comes to the Linux Audio Conference 
every year.

And let's not forget...

3. OME is actively developed and there are regular releases

4. OME has documentation, tutorials, even a video tutorial on YouTube

5. OME is user-friendly enough to suit a wide range of users

I should also mention LiVES, which also has a responsive developer, 
Gabriel aka Salsaman. I heard that he is no longer able to develop LiVES 
due to a shortage of cash, and has returned to live in Brazil.

As far as I'm aware, LiVES does not have JACK support, and I think the 
timeline of the OME interface is more intuitive. But both are good projects.

If there was some funding available for a free software video editor, I 
would suggest spending it on OME, to fix crashing bugs.



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