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re all,

On Sat, Jan 19, 2008 at 09:22:28AM +0000, Daniel James wrote:

> I  totally  agree. I  personally  think  that linuxaudio.org  should
> support the Open Movie Editor project, for two big reasons:
> 1.  OME is  the only  video  editor I've  ever used  which has  JACK
> support.  (If there are others, please let me know).
> 2. The lone developer, Richard, is extremely responsive to community
> feedback  and  interaction.  He   even  comes  to  the  Linux  Audio
> Conference every year.

I agree that  Richard is very good and  responsive and well interested
to a  good number  of efforts in  video development on  gnu/linux, but
still having read the code  so far, having tested the applications and
analised the architectures involved, i believe KdenLive will by far be
the best video editor around. i really hope it will have jack support.

> I should also mention LiVES,  which also has a responsive developer,
> Gabriel aka Salsaman.  I heard that he is no  longer able to develop
> LiVES due to a shortage of cash, and has returned to live in Brazil.

i  know  Salsaman,  we  are  friends  and he  is  better  than  me  in
complaining :) OTOH is true we have no support. he crashed in my squat
a couple of times while in  Amsterdam.  He is a talented coder with an
old-school UNIX  approach - to  give you an  idea LiVES is  written in
perl  and  C  and  uses  ImageMagick on  single  frames...   good  old
philosophy of using existing components.

> If  there was  some  funding  available for  a  free software  video
> editor, I would suggest spending it on OME, to fix crashing bugs.

sorry to  contradict, but  i suggest KdenLive,  at least  to implement
jack support in it.

and i hope both proposals can be funded.

BTW, for your curiosity, i'm studying http://1010.co.uk/gneve.html :)


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