[Consortium] FW: [piksel] Fwd: [estudiolivre] I believe in cinelerra

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Mon Jan 21 04:28:00 EST 2008

Hi Jaromil,

> having read the code  so far, having tested the applications and
> analised the architectures involved, i believe KdenLive will by far be
> the best video editor around. i really hope it will have jack support.

Do you know if the Kdenlive team are interested in JACK at all? Do you 
need to be running KDE to get the most out of it?

>> If  there was  some  funding  available for  a  free software  video
>> editor, I would suggest spending it on OME, to fix crashing bugs.
> sorry to  contradict, but  i suggest KdenLive,  at least  to implement
> jack support in it.

No need to apologise :-)

A key factor for getting mainstream distro support for a video editor is 
the software patents on codecs issue. What I've suggested to Richard, 
the developer of OME, is that the editor is packaged in such a way that 
it can only import/export raw DV and Ogg Theora files.

If the user wants to work with MPEG video, then they have to locate and 
download extra libraries, the presence of which is detected at runtime. 
That way, I reckon the mainstream distros will be a lot happier about 
shipping the app, and it can start to get a decent sized userbase.



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