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On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 09:28:00AM +0000, Daniel James wrote:
> Hi Jaromil,
> >having read  the code  so far, having  tested the  applications and
> >analised the architectures involved, i believe KdenLive will by far
> >be the  best video editor around.  i really hope it  will have jack
> >support.
> Do you know  if the Kdenlive team are interested in  JACK at all? Do
> you need to be running KDE to get the most out of it?

no need, there is a --without-kde option at configure time, works like
a charm simply with kdelibs, I  have tested in dyne:II where there are
other  kde  based  applications  also  stripped down  and  using  only

> A  key factor  for getting  mainstream  distro support  for a  video
> editor is the software patents  on codecs issue. What I've suggested
> to Richard, the developer of OME,  is that the editor is packaged in
> such a  way that  it can  only import/export raw  DV and  Ogg Theora
> files.
> If the user wants to work with MPEG video, then they have to locate and 
> download extra libraries, the presence of which is detected at runtime. 
> That way, I reckon the mainstream distros will be a lot happier about 
> shipping the app, and it can start to get a decent sized userbase.

this is a great approach! yes.

BTW  do we have any plans  to back-up  the PlayOgg  campaign by  FSF?

i guess we should really do



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