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Tue Oct 28 08:48:47 EDT 2008

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Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> Robin Gareus wrote:
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>> Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>> On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 17:09 +0100, Robin Gareus wrote:
>>>> Thorsten is right in saying that we should not keep out-of-date
>>>> information and drop old material. We have more urgent issues on
>>>> linuxaudio.org than lau and quicktoots.
>>> So are you suggesting that the sub domains are dropped completely or at
>>> least not pointing to the existing content?
>> neither. If you read my comments closely my suggestion was to have the
>> sub-domains (vhosts) become entry points. The content there will be the
>> same (or an updated version).
>> My original judgment on lau/quicktoots/lowlatency was: "good as is -
>> maybe some minor modifications" until we have the time to revisit it.
>> IMO updating the front-page and lad.linuxaudio.org is much more
>> important; as is reorganizing the /members and updating the /music page.
> I was only commenting on the items that I am in charge of. It seemed to
> me that you were suggesting that the lau, quicktoots and lowlatency
> vhosts were unnecessary time wasters and contained legacy content that
> didn't need their own sub domain and should not exist on the lao
> portal.

I'm sorry if it came across like that. maybe you were mixing up issues:
lowlatency is a single page on a dedicated web-server - a bit overkill,

Some of the content in quicktoots is certainly out-of-date. Old ardour
manuals get a higher search-engine ranking as new ones. Still, "There
are a lot of hidden resources there!" which we must not neglect.

In the long run I think that deleting them is better than keeping them
as is. However we can also see to update or migrate them:
fi. linking some of the quicktoots on a page with tutorials from LACs,
make them available as PDF and HTML etc.

> Hence I offered to remove them from the mix and host them on my
> own server where they were originally located. Therefore saving the lao
> team the hassle of having to worry about them at all.
> Now I really don't know what exactly you are proposing. Do you want me
> to move all the content from the above domains to a new location in the
> wiki and someone will make the subdomains point to the new location?

I can add the redirects but I won't do anything without consent.
If you don't mind just leave it as is. I'll need a few days to come up
with a proposal for lau/quicktoots but I wouldn't mind to introduce you
to the wiki, drupal or hear suggestions what linuxaudio.org could do
with the lau domain in your opinion.

IMO quicktoots is a very 90's webdesign; but I won't be able to do any
better anytime soon. My idea is to revisit the issue after we've decided
on a general interaction-design and style for linuxaudio.org

Meanwhile you could fix the dead-links on lau.linuxaudio.org to
linuxdoc.org in the "Before you start" section. and add a
http://htmlhelp.com/tools/validator/doctype.html to lau and quicktoots.

let's follow the road of many small changes.

> If that is what you are suggesting then I think it would be easier if I
> just move the content back to djcj.org.
> Then you can remove the subdomains and not have to worry about them any
> longer.

unless we move LAU over to djcj we'll have to worry about
lau.linuxaudio.org either way.


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