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Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Thu Oct 30 01:09:31 EDT 2008

Robin Gareus wrote:
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> Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>> Robin Gareus wrote:
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>>> Patrick Shirkey wrote:
>>>> On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 17:09 +0100, Robin Gareus wrote:
>>>>> Thorsten is right in saying that we should not keep out-of-date
>>>>> information and drop old material. We have more urgent issues on
>>>>> linuxaudio.org than lau and quicktoots.
>>>> So are you suggesting that the sub domains are dropped completely or at
>>>> least not pointing to the existing content?
>>> neither. If you read my comments closely my suggestion was to have the
>>> sub-domains (vhosts) become entry points. The content there will be the
>>> same (or an updated version).
>>> My original judgment on lau/quicktoots/lowlatency was: "good as is -
>>> maybe some minor modifications" until we have the time to revisit it.
>>> IMO updating the front-page and lad.linuxaudio.org is much more
>>> important; as is reorganizing the /members and updating the /music page.
>> I was only commenting on the items that I am in charge of. It seemed to
>> me that you were suggesting that the lau, quicktoots and lowlatency
>> vhosts were unnecessary time wasters and contained legacy content that
>> didn't need their own sub domain and should not exist on the lao
>> portal.
> I'm sorry if it came across like that. maybe you were mixing up issues:
> lowlatency is a single page on a dedicated web-server - a bit overkill,
> really.
Definitely. i had no idea the subdomain got it's own server. That should 
be changed if the subdomain is not ramped up to do more. I can't see 
what we could do with it that is not already covered by the rtwiki site 

I don't think it matters where the page is hosted but I don't really 
have the inclination to submit it for approval at the official howto 
site. If someone wanted to take that on it would probably be accepted 
with some changes. I prefer not to have to deal with the bureaucracy.

> Some of the content in quicktoots is certainly out-of-date. Old ardour
> manuals get a higher search-engine ranking as new ones. Still, "There
> are a lot of hidden resources there!" which we must not neglect.
Well the point of leaving that older stuff up is that without it there 
would be about 5 tutorials. That older stuff is fairly generic though so 
it will be useful as a starter for some people. I have a long term goal 
for the quicktoots to have 100 tutorials sometime int he next 20 years. 
However it really depends on user contributions.

> In the long run I think that deleting them is better than keeping them
> as is. 
I don't like the idea of deleting hard work that has been contributed by 
indviduals on their own time. I prefer to keep them available for 
historical purposes. However there is some room for making it obvious if 
the article is out of date. I think they all have a date stamp displayed 
but I can whip something up to that affect for the wrapper code once I 
have a generic template to work with. Maybe I should just add the 
template and then ask for design submissions once it is in place. 
Something is better than nothing.

> However we can also see to update or migrate them:
> fi. linking some of the quicktoots on a page with tutorials from LACs,
> make them available as PDF and HTML etc.
>> Hence I offered to remove them from the mix and host them on my
>> own server where they were originally located. Therefore saving the lao
>> team the hassle of having to worry about them at all.
>> Now I really don't know what exactly you are proposing. Do you want me
>> to move all the content from the above domains to a new location in the
>> wiki and someone will make the subdomains point to the new location?
> I can add the redirects but I won't do anything without consent.
> If you don't mind just leave it as is. I'll need a few days to come up
> with a proposal for lau/quicktoots but I wouldn't mind to introduce you
> to the wiki, drupal or hear suggestions what linuxaudio.org could do
> with the lau domain in your opinion.
I am open to suggestions for lau also. I never intended to reign over 
the official home page so if there are improvements to make then I'm all 
ears. However the content that is their now will remain in some form on 
the web even if I host it myself.

> IMO quicktoots is a very 90's webdesign; but I won't be able to do any
> better anytime soon. My idea is to revisit the issue after we've decided
> on a general interaction-design and style for linuxaudio.org
Well css wasn't really around until at least 2000 so that's a touch 
harsh. I agree that the design is not as beautiful as it could be. I 
haven't done any real work on it for a couple of years. I could add 
rounded corners if that makes it more attractive... Part of the theme 
was to make it a little hard so that people didn't get the wrong 
impression that Linux audio was cute and friendly.

> unless we move LAU over to djcj we'll have to worry about
> lau.linuxaudio.org either way.

Ok, So it's just the low latency howto that is taking up space from a 
technical pov and not literally as a waste of time having it online.

Personally I don't mind the lao portal having different themes for the 
different sub domains. I think it reflects that there are many different 
personalities involved in the community. I think giving lau the same 
theme as the other domains is kind of bland. However we should have a 
more consistent thread woven into the templates to reflect that there 
are some common goals we all share in a general inclusive kind of way.

Maybe it's time to have another competition to design a template or at 
least ask for some ideas from the community for viual representation of 

I'll start a new thread on lau to this affect.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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