[Consortium] LAO website and competition

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Thu Oct 30 01:39:10 EDT 2008


The linuxaudio.org portal is the official home for Linux Audio 
Developers, Linux Audio Users and the Linux Audio Consortium.

There are several other projects that are hosted on the server as 
subdomains. In general they work independently of each other and have no 
specific theme that is officially mandated.

It is time to change the mandate to have a more general theme or thread 
woven into the templates of the various sub domains that identifies the 
projects as being part of the portal and reflect the worldwide nature of 
the Linux Audio Community.

If anyone has ideas, suggestions or feels creative enough to design a 
template that can be used as a basis for the theme we always welcome 
your input.

To make it a little more fun we will run a competition for the design.

The competition will be hosted here:


You can get a feel for the existing sites by checking out the 
linuxaudio.org portal


The prizes will be officially presented at the next Linux Audio 
Conference where the winners will also be announced.

         The Linux Audio Conference 2009 
                16-19 April 2009

              La Casa della Musica
                 Palazzo Cusani
                  Parma, Italy


To start things off Boost Hardware will sponsor $US500 to be distributed 
for the prizes. I am also seeking offers of sponsorship from any 
businesses that work with Linux Audio software and community projects. 
There are a few of you out there so don't be shy. This is a great 
opportunity to show your support.

The deadline for submissions will be the 31 Jan 2009. All submissions 
will need to be licensed as open source. The official decision for the 
winners of the prizes will be made by private vote of the Consortium 
board. It will be entirely in the discretion of the Consortium board how 
to apply the designs/ideas/templates or concepts that are finally 
selected. No members of the consortium board or sponsors will be 
elligible for prizes but submissions will still be accepted.


We will provide more detailed information as the deadline approaches.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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