[Consortium] Sponsors for prizes

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Thu Oct 30 02:18:28 EDT 2008


As per the previous message regarding the template competition I am 
seeking sponsors for prizes that can be given to the winners of the 
design competition.

However I am also seeking sponsors for a higher level of award that is 
now well overdue.

All of us have used Linux Audio tools for our businesses and have a debt 
of gratitude to the Linux Audio Developers community. There are some 
very specific names that deserve official recognition for their 
motivation, dedication and all round superstar qualities.

I would like to see the next Linux Audio Conference as the inaugural 
awards ceremony for Linux Audio Developers, Musicians, and Supporters.

I am proposing a series of awards that will be sponsored by members of 
the Consortium.

Obviously there will be a lifetime achievement award but we also need a 
couple of other categories. Some suggestions are:


Best Audio recording software
Best Midi software
Best DJ software
Best Sequencing software
Best Plugin
Most Active contributor
Most Active evangalist
Best Blog
Best Forum


Most likely to receive a record contract
Most popular track on LAM
Best Electronic Track
Best Classical Track
Best Pop Track
Best Rock Track
Best Audio recording

The list could go on....

Once we have a list we will take submissions from the public Then we 
have two choices.

1: It will be upto the consortium board to select the recipients in a 
private vote.
2: We keep the process completely open if there is enough will for it. 
But this would require a good voting system.


- Obviously we can't give a prize to everyone who deserves it but we can 
make it an annual ceremony that will give people recognition and may 
also encourage more people to get involved in the community.

- I can see an opportunity for logo placement and write ups in the 
various audio magazines who will no doubt run spots with the details 
once we give them the press release as there are a few members who 
already have good connections to get things printed.

- There will also be opportunity for logos to be displayed on the 
official websites during the competition and of course the goodwill 
generated by returning something back to the community is priceless.

- I will not set any limitations for the prizes that can be offered. I 
think it really depends on how much value you receive from the community 
and how much of an impact you would like to make by sponsoring. After 
all this is the inaugural ceremony so there are bound to be some hiccups 
along the way and we don't want to promise anything or set the bar too high.

For what it is worth my company Boost Hardware is sponsoring $US500 for 
the template competition.

I think there are some deeper pockets or at the very least some cooler 


 Feel free to contact me off list with suggestions or pledges. I will 
start building out the details on the lau.linuxaudio.org subdomain this 
weekend. As soon as I have a  pledge your company logo will receive a 
prominent spot on the site. If you want to sponsor the template 
competition I will put the prize details up immediately but specific 
details for the awards will be kept secret until we have some momentum. 
Also if you want to sponsor a specific award that will be great.

Just remember that the bigger the prize the more likely it is that 
people will notice it and remember. Booby prizes are welcome too though 
and will be fairly distributed so don't feel embarrassed if you don't 
offer as much as the next guy. Everything counts and makes the event 
more memorable.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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