[Consortium] strange n00b post or: how I learned to embrace open source and stop making money

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Malte Steiner a écrit :
> AFAIK the current Korg Oasys Keyboard, Museresearch Receptor, Liontracks 
> Mediastation are and the Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer was based on an 
> embedded Linux system. Wasn't there a mixing console with some Linux and 
> Ardour in it?
> Cheers,
> Malte
Harrison consoles' Xdubber runs Ardour on a custom 64studio distro but
it's a dubber not a console.
However, the Midas XL8 console runs Linux but I'm afraid it's only used
for the network/UI/GUI parts while the sound treatment still relies on
proprietary DSP.
I also know that the Denon DNC-640 CD/Network player runs on embedded
Linux (uClinux) because I own one but these devices violate the GPL;
they're unable to give me the source codes.

There might be a lot of embedded devices already running Linux we are
not aware of...

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