[Consortium] strange n00b post or: how I learned to embrace open source and stop making money

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Mon Aug 24 09:11:41 EDT 2009

On 08/24/2009 06:31 PM, Daniel James wrote:
> Hi Raphaël,
>> Harrison consoles' Xdubber runs Ardour on a custom 64studio distro but
>> it's a dubber not a console.
>> However, the Midas XL8 console runs Linux but I'm afraid it's only used
>> for the network/UI/GUI parts while the sound treatment still relies on
>> proprietary DSP.
> The Allen&  Heath iLive is Linux based, as confirmed by a trade show
> representative of the company, although I don't have any details.
> http://www.ilive-digital.com/

They also mentioned that they were using Linux software as a part of the 
product on their website last time I looked. IIRC, originally they were 
stating that it was running Linux but that has changed over the years.

> The Mackie Digital 8 Bus display looks uncannily like Ardour's mixer,
> but a Mackie representative claimed to me that the device runs on
> Windows XP Embedded. It's hard to confirm that without having a close look.
>> I also know that the Denon DNC-640 CD/Network player runs on embedded
>> Linux (uClinux) because I own one but these devices violate the GPL;
>> they're unable to give me the source codes.
> Unsure how, rather than unable, I think. I believe linuxaudio.org could
> help these companies avoid GPL violations in future; this is still new
> territory for most of them.

This is the first I have heard mention of a violation by this company 
with this product. We should pursue this...

>> There might be a lot of embedded devices already running Linux we are
>> not aware of...
> For sure, but they often keep quiet because it's part of their
> competitive advantage. Consider the developer time they are saving when
> creating complex, low-latency, network-capable products.

This really has to be taken on a case by case basis. There are numerous 
real time OS's out there that are custom built for specific chipsets.

I would guess that many of the newer products that have user interface 
support are in the right arena for violations to occur though.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd

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