[Consortium] Report: advantages, disadvantages, and strategies for Linux adoption in audio electronics

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Tue Aug 25 05:39:14 EDT 2009

Hi Bryant,

> http://bryanthansen.net/linux-audio-proposal-edit.pdf

Thanks for that. I'd challenge quite a few of the assumptions you've 
made there, based on my own experience, but perhaps that would be better 
discussed off-list.

>  * the possibility that Linux support might not have much marketing
> impact with professional devices (as opposed to consumer devices that
> are more accessible to a wider range of developers)

That tends to depend on the size of the customer organisation. If we're 
talking about a major broadcaster which has in-house software engineers, 
then the ability to obtain source code and documentation is a major 
plus, especially towards long-term maintainability.

On the other hand, source code isn't of direct use to small producers 
without developer expertise who only ever use off-the-shelf products. 
These people expect the vendor to take care of any bugs, and expect to 
adapt themselves to work with the software as it is, rather than adapt 
the software to do what they want.



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