[Consortium] Report: advantages, disadvantages, and strategies for Linux adoption in audio electronics

Bryant Hansen linuxaudio at bryanthansen.net
Mon Aug 24 09:15:06 EDT 2009

Greetings All,

Once again, thanks for the highly-informative and friendly feedback I've
received here.

I figured that it was a good time to present the report that I wrote.
The target audience is a company executive who might not have
significant knowledge of Linux and open-source development.  The data
and the suggestions are fairly obvious.  ...though the
virtualization/emulation topics may be controversial (could invite
TiVo-type troubles, or just violate the spirit of GPL).  This is for
another post...


The report is in the original form that I sent it, with the exception of
replacing the company name with XYZ, Inc.  I haven't updated it with
information that I've received from the group.  Any version 2 will be a
significant step forward.

Some of the key feedback that I've received from the group, which
belongs in there, includes:

 * awareness of 64 studio, who seem to focus on exactly the type of work
I'm trying to organize

 * the existing use of Linux (and perhaps Ardour) in various products:

   - Korg Oasys Keyboard

   - Harrison Consoles' Xdubber

   - Museresearch Receptor

   - Liontracks Mediastation X-76

   - Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer

   - Indamixx

   - Midas XL8

 * a professional institute that trains all kinds of future
studio/broadcast/live-sound engineers in the use of Ardour

 * The Free Firewire Audio Drivers org (FFADO.org)

 * the possibility that Linux support might not have much marketing
impact with professional devices (as opposed to consumer devices that
are more accessible to a wider range of developers)



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