[Consortium] LAC2009 update

Fons Adriaensen fons at kokkinizita.net
Mon Mar 9 17:03:57 EDT 2009

Hello all,

Some good news: there definitely will be the Linux
Sound Night during LAC2009. At the moment there are
two possible locations, the choice has not yet been
made. One is a nice bar located in a new industrial
area outside the center - they only have one resident
near (100m) but we may still have to watch the SPL
because of that single resident. The other is a rather
sleezy but otherwise OK place in a post-industrial
area, here nobody will complain whatever we do. 

Both places (in particular the second) are a bit to
far from the center for an easy walk, but transport
will be organised.

I'd like all who proposed to play at the LSN to
confirm their presence (drop me a line), and there
is still room for more.

Wednesday the 15th (day before the conference) there
will be the pizza evening for the early arrivals.
This will be at 'Alfonso' (no relation) on Via Emilia
Est, according to some the best pizzeria in Parma.
It's also near the Auditorium Paganini making it a
good place for a pre-concert pizza. Please let me
know if you will be there as I'll have to book the
places. Sunday evening we'll have the unofficial
LAC2009 dinner.

At the moment I'd like everyone who plans to come
to LAC2009 to register so we can have an idea of
the size of the crowds to expect, and of the number
of proceedings to print.


See you all in Parma,


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