[Consortium] [ANN] Canorus applied as Mentoring organization (GSoC 2009)

Reinhard Katzmann suamor at web.de
Thu Mar 12 20:20:01 EDT 2009


Canorus is a free music score editor.

We, the Canorus team officially applied for as Canorus organization for the
Google summer of Code 2009 (this includes current application main features):

We need your help right now. Please read our description thoroughfully and pose
andy ideas or errors in wording. Those written the  are no native english
speaker so that would already be a great help.

Also please read
and the FAQ parts on
concerning the mentoring organization.
This way you can understand much better what we want to achieve and hopefully
can give us some helpful hints to improve our changes to get accepted.

I'd also like to know if the Consortium or any other larger audio organization
has planned to apply at the GSoC 2009 this year ? Just as a backup so we could
still get some of our projects ideas to students.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Reinhard Katzmann
Software-Engineer, Developer of User Interfaces
Project: Canorus - the next generation music score editor -
GnuPG Public Key available on request

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