[Consortium] audio friendly distro

richard richard.bown at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Sep 30 09:52:41 UTC 2011

I'm using Fedora FC15 kernel 3.0 64bit.
I use a M-Audio d66 sound card, which now is not alwaqys being found and
when it is. the sampling rate is only 48000.
I need its full range, 11025 is a must for one app I use for ham radio.
I've tried several distros in the past, I dont like ubuntu due to mits
restrictions on servers and multi users.
Loading the kernel 2.6.33 RT shows the card every time and pa_devs shows
all its possible sampling rates.
Can anyone suggest a distro which is audio friendly that is alsa
I could go back to fed fc14, but then I'm stuck with an obsolete system.
I need something which will not be made obsolete, and some protection
from the over zealous developers that want to make it more like windows.


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