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You may also want to look at AV Linux, also based on Debian Squeeze with a
full complement of the best Linux Multimedia software featuring both
excellent Open-Source and Commercial demo software. AV Linux is a ready to
use ISO and has a yearly release schedule. Packages and updated ISO images
are also provided regularly between releases. It has been steadily
developed since 2007, has an active forum community and is a recommended
platform for Ardour Mixbus.

See for yourself: http://www.bandshed.net/AVLinux.html

Best of luck in your distro search!

> Hi Bownie :-)
>> Loading the kernel 2.6.33 RT shows the card every time and pa_devs shows
>> all its possible sampling rates.
>> Can anyone suggest a distro which is audio friendly that is alsa
>> friendly.
> Try our OpenDAW beta 1, it has some rough edges in the installer, but
> has a solid Debian Squeeze base and 2.6.33-RT kernel:
> http://pdk.64studio.com/projects/opendaw/squeeze/images/opendaw_4.0-beta1_amd64.iso
>> I need something which will not be made obsolete
> Squeeze has got at least another two years in it. Debian should last
> indefinitely ;-)
>> and some protection
>> from the over zealous developers that want to make it more like windows.
> I don't think the Debian project will follow all or most of Ubuntu's
> recent design decisions. Even if they did, we have quite a lot of
> flexibility about what packages to include in our own isos.
> Cheers!
> Daniel
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