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Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Sun Apr 22 02:34:05 UTC 2012

On Sun, April 22, 2012 12:09 am, Robin Gareus wrote:
> nitpicking: the contributions were are also _not for advertising_, but
> for _supporting the conference_. - From the contacts that I know they
> were paid using HR and/or Support budget - not advertisement-budget - of
> the companies in question.

So advertising is acceptable as long as it is not actually paid for?

>> If anything
>> people were very happy with that association and have even gone so far
>> as
>> to publish the keynote from the director of Ableton explaining why he
>> *will never support* a Linux version of Ableton Live.
> [citation needed]

Perhaps Jorn can provide the link?

> I'm curious. I've been at LAC'07 and while I remember a panel
> discussion, I don't recall a keynote with that message.

Perhaps keynote was the incorrect term. However as the conference was
almost entirely "sponsored" by Ableton and the director of Ableton made a
speech where he explained very clearly his reasons for not wanting a Linux
version of Ableton Live it would appear to have the weight of a keynote

> Anyway why is this bad? It's good to know the POV of others - especially
> if you do not agree with them.

I'm not saying it was "bad". I was merely pointing out that Linux Audio
has taken funds in exchange for advertising in the past. Even from
companies that were promoting an "anti Linux" agenda.

>> We have a clear track record of allowing advertising and taking money
> Certainly not. If anything: we take specs, bandwidth and time as
> donations and thank by mentioning the donor.

>> Especially if these pages are
>> considered old and unuseful which clearly is wrong if we expand the
>> allowable uses for content hosted under the LAO domain.
> I disagree. It'd be a step backwards.

To what exactly?

> In a commercial context, you'd need to shell out at least 500-5000 times
> the money per year of what you have been offered so far to even come
> close to what we currently have.

So what you are saying is that advertising at LAO is so evil as to be not
worth any time or effort in that regard?

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd

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