[Consortium] [Management] Linuxaudio.org update

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Thu Mar 8 12:49:50 CET 2018

Hi Ico,

> by January 2018 those numbers grew to over 10TB of monthly traffic with
> over 7 million hits spread across 40 vhosts.


> I believe it is
> time to once again mobilize the management group and to establish an
> advisory board or a steering committee that will help steer the
> consortium and jointly explore ways to provide better and more
> consistent support, ensure we offer up-to-date information, to grow the
> resources, their visibility, and footprint

Sounds good to me :-)

> as well as consider
> establishing a foundation that may help facilitate and support critical
> programs, including the LAC conference.

I think we'd need at least one major sponsor to cover the overheads of a
foundation. There are a whole bunch of big companies now shipping
millions of audio-critical products based on the Linux kernel, compared
to hardly any when we started.

So I'd suggest the first step would be to find someone prepared to reach
out to the likes of Google, TI or Toyota for support, preferably someone
used to dealing with corporates. Sponsorship opportunities for this
year's LAC would be a good, low commitment way for them to get involved.



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