[Consortium] [Management] Linuxaudio.org update

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Fri Mar 9 09:29:00 CET 2018

>> as well as consider
>> establishing a foundation that may help facilitate and support critical
>> programs, including the LAC conference.
> I think we'd need at least one major sponsor to cover the overheads of a
> foundation. There are a whole bunch of big companies now shipping
> millions of audio-critical products based on the Linux kernel, compared
> to hardly any when we started.
> So I'd suggest the first step would be to find someone prepared to reach
> out to the likes of Google, TI or Toyota for support, preferably someone
> used to dealing with corporates. Sponsorship opportunities for this
> year's LAC would be a good, low commitment way for them to get involved.

They will most likely want to see an actual registered non profit before
they commit to provide any funding. Samsung might be a good start as they
have already implemented JACK as part of their custom Android "pro" 
musician framework. The Linux Foundation will have direct contacts for
corporate sponsors interested in supporting Linux Audio Consortium if any

A few questions:

    - What is the target funding amount?
    - Who will be in charge of assigning the funds for payments?
    - What will the funds be specifically used for?

- Another option might be simply asking the community to donate
cash/crypto. There must be a few Linux Audio folks who made some decent
returns from btc/eth by now.

- To really take ownership of the funding issue the Consortium can
undertake an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) by creating a Linux Audio Token
which can then be traded on the open crypto market. For example, an
Ethereum ERC20 smart contract can be generated with an initial mint of ex
10 million coins.  Linux Audio supporters can purchase Linux Audio Tokens 
during the ICO for a discount price of ex. 25c/token. After the ICO the
tokens can be traded on the global crypto market.

If the Consortium reserves 1 million tokens for future use and sells the
remaining 9 million that will provide upto :

9,000,000 x 0.25 = USD$2.250,000

which can be converted to cash/alt coin or used to pay developers directly
with LAT.

The Tokens will not be considered a security because they there will be no
implied returns. Linux Audio folks will simply be able to assist with
funding the Consortium and then optionally speculate on the value of the
tokens on the open market.

If the ICO option is something that the Consortium is interested in I am
happy to assist with the setup process. I would rather the Linux Audio
Consortium could stand on it's own merit without being subject to any
corporate oversight.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware

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