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Fri Feb 12 20:27:17 CET 2021

I second this request from Spencer Jackson.

No other software is released by linuxaudio.org since it's existence. It looks like the developers of the fork are using linuxaudio.org to promote their fork above the original version of a fellow LAD developer, to help them gain control over the session API and to make sure their version of the software will be included in distributions instead of the original. The fellow LAD developer and a part of his community doesn't agree with the fork. But that's not the question here. It's the fact that the developers of the fork, make it look like the fork is officially 'released' by linuxaudio.org. The developers of the fork are using their roles at linuxaudio.org to promote their fork. I think this could be seen as a misuse of linuxaudio.org consortium for their own goals and the goals of their fork. It hurts the work of a fellow LAD developer. This is not wherefore the linuxaudio.org consortium exists. This conflict of interest should be avoided.

The Linuxaudio.org consortium should be a organization which promotes linuxaudio in general, but should never choose one version of a application above a other version by a different developer. It should stay neutral in this. It's easy to fix this with a rule which states that linuxaudio.org doesn't release software itself and doesn't host software.

It looks the linuxaudio.org consortium isn't that active anymore, which could also be a reason why these developers of the fork can freely release their software as a official linuxaudio.org version. Nobody prevents them from doing so. Therefor I think the developers of the fork should be avoid this conflict of interest themselves and show some maturity and wisdom, to stop releasing their fork as it where a official linuxaudio.org version. These developers have their own websites for their software applications and they do have the skills to organize a way to work on shared code on any github repository. It's easy for anyone these days to register a own repository on github, gitlab or a similar service. There is no practical need to host the fork on the github page of linuxaudio.org.

At the end this is not about this particular forked software suite, not about the right to fork in general. This about keeping the linuxaudio.org neutral where it should be and to avoid that members/ moderators of the linuxaudio.org consortium use the consortium for their personal projects and goals. The linuxaudio.org consortium should project LAD developers, and certainly not become a competitor of them.

All though it's not about the specific software suite (Non Session Manager) and this is not about forking. I challenge those people who find it hard to divide between the two, to take a other software project in their mind and to do a thought experiment with it. How would it be if the linuxaudio.org consortium would officially release a fork of your software you worked on for more the 15 years or your favorite software application or your favorite developer, while that developer and/ or you as a user doesn't agree with it?

New-Ardour, New-Qstuff, New-Qtractor, New-Aeolus .... now officially released by linuxaudio.org!

While the original LAD developer doesn't agree with this? That's in all cases unthinkable right?
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