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Mon Feb 22 15:05:15 CET 2021

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On Sunday, February 21, 2021 9:43 PM, Robin Gareus <robin at gareus.org> wrote:

> On 2/21/21 11:28 AM, anonymous_user wrote:
> > @Spencer and @Robin, what's your take on a solution for this matter?
> For me the issue is closed. No further action needed.
> In the past we used to have git.linuxaudio.org for community projects
> like this, but github.com etc have meanwhile rendered this service obsolete.
> As long as the NewSM team refrains from speaking for the consortium in
> the future, I'd let it slide with a /warning/ this time.
> Personally I'm against banning users, or unlinking projects.

Thanks for your reply.

If they refrain from speaking for the consortium, that would already be a important step in the right direction. I think this should also mean that they release it with their own e-mail address and not with 'softwareATlinuxaudio.org'. But then the logical next question is, why would they then need linuxaudio.org for hosting?

If they need to host software on linuxaudio.org, they've the full right to do such a request I can imagine. I can see how that could help linuxaudio related projects with large files, like ISO files. I don't see how a linuxaudio github page would help them with hosting though. It's not a large project, they've hosted it on github already and anyone can open a github account. Absolutely no need for linuxaudio.org here.

It's also fair to notice that they didn't ask to put their project (a 'hostile' fork of a fellow LAD developer) on the github page of linuxaudio.org. Undoing this step, doesn't violate their rights in any way. It's not banning or unlinking anyone or anything in my opinion. It just restores a situation where the linuxaudio consortium is neutral and LAD developers doesn't find their software, hosted and released by linuxaudio.org as a fork, without agreement.

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