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anonymous_user anonymous_user
Wed Feb 24 07:04:21 CET 2021

Guys let stop fooling ourselves. The situation is pretty clear, the solution is obvious, easy and fair.

In meantime the maintainer of the fork writes that he has been contacted by a consortium member and that he quickly needs to release a statement. Which is that he won't release as linuxaudio.org anymore.

That doesn't change anything obviously. The github repository is still maintained by the linuxaudio.org account, people download from there, report issues from there. No single need for any linuxaudio.org involvement though.

I can come up with 1001 good arguments. But at the end we know how it works in this community, I mean that's exactly why I'm wasting my time and energy on it.

'It was requested, by a consortium member, that I quickly give a statement'

Please stop this trickery. Good luck supporting the most ugly fork in the history of linuxaudio.org. Good luck supporting these manipulative and deceiving ways.

I'm out, I can't fix this alone.


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