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> As I argued in my previous message, there is no banning or unlinking here. When they don't release as linuxaudio.org (which I'm happy about), what is the point of having the project on the github page of linuxaudio.org? There is absolutely no point really and I think it is much wiser when this issue is solved fully and that is when they just open their own github page and clone their project into it. Otherwise we might have to spend time on this issue later again.

In addition: there are also no practical objections for transferring the repository to their own github account. Things like issues and history can easily be transferred on github:


When they keep using the linuxaudio github account, you'll keep having issues and discussions. Then the boundary is still too vague. When they've their own spot instead (which is very reasonable), then you're sure this issue is permanently solved for the linuxaudio.org consortium. Then we can move forward indeed.
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