[Consortium] My messages to LAA are blocked

Nils Hilbricht nils at hilbricht.net
Sun Jul 4 22:00:16 CEST 2021

> Then something must change here: either another moderator steps up and does 
> the job, or the mandatory moderation policy must be removed. It is 
> unacceptable that some legitimate announcements are blocked, while only 
> some friends are allowed to send messages to the list.
> I don't use the LAD & LAU mailing lists now, but if the same policy is 
> being applied then this is an even more serious issue.

Or the list just gets shut down in favour of something like libreav.org.

This list really needs moderation btw. The difference to LAD and LAU is that anybody can send, which is a good idea.
There *is* regular spam on there, and some people are always trying to anwer to release mails, on purpose or by accident. 

It is also not a matter of friend or foe. These were simply persons that regulary sent release mails. To lift their moderation flag was simply a matter of "less work for me".


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