[Jack-Devel] Suggestion for two new tools

Xavier Mendez me at jmendeth.com
Sun Jun 19 19:29:55 CEST 2016

I'd like to suggest two new tools. I find myself using them frequently 
whenever I'm dealing with sets of outputs / inputs of different 
latencies, or sometimes when I'm using software that adds noticeable 
(i.e. >= 15ms) latency.

I think it would be best to add them as standard JACK tools because:

- They perform a very basic task.
- JACK has almost no latency-related tools AFAIK.
- They demonstrate the power of JACK's latency API and could serve
as [non-trivial] examples for devs trying to understand it.

What do you think? I've attached a patch with both tools. If they get 
included, I'll write documentation about its usage and the latency API 
in general. Below is a summary of what they do:

## jack_lsync

Synchronizes a set of ports for playback or capture, by inserting 
appropriate delays to compensate for latency. Example:

Suppose you have one output `playback_1` with 20ms output latency, and 
another output `playback_2` with 50ms output latency:

     jack_lsync -a2 &
     jack_connect lsync:output_1 playback_1
     jack_connect lsync:output_2 playback_2

lsync will insert a 30ms delay on the first output, giving you two 
outputs of 50ms latency. Instead of connecting to the original outputs, 
you'd connect to `lsync:input_1` and `lsync:input_2` respectively.

## jack_lset

Corrects the reported latency of a port. Example: to increment the 
playback latency of `port` by 30ms:

    jack_lset 30ms &
    jack_connect lset:output_1 port

Then connect everything to `lset:input_1` instead of `port`.

Clients should ideally set the correct latency at their ports, or 
provide an option (as with -I and -O) for users to set them. This is not 
the case in practice, and there are also a number of legitimate reasons 
why users may want to correct latency externally.
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