[Jack-Devel] Using Jack in 10.10 and later?

Michael keybounce at gmail.com
Fri May 19 22:42:05 CEST 2017

So has anyone gotten Jack to work as a default device in 10.10 or later?

To repost, to make Jack work as an audio device for almost everything in 10.9.5 (and sadly, I can only say almost everything), I had to put this in /System/Library/Sandbox/Profiles/system.sb (goes at the end)

;;; local additions for Jack
  (allow network*
         (regex #"/private/tmp/jack_.*"))
  (allow file-write* 
         (regex #"/private/tmp/jack_.*"))
  (allow mach-lookup
         (global-name-regex "jack_mach_sem.*"))
  (allow ipc-sysv-sem)
  (allow ipc-posix-shm-read*
         (ipc-posix-name-regex "/jack-.*"))
  (allow ipc-posix-shm-write*
         (ipc-posix-name-regex "/jack-.*"))
  (allow file-read*
         (regex #"/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/JACK-insert.component.*"))

Additionally, after logging in, and starting up Jack, I have to kill coreaudiod (for some reason, Jack has to be running for this to start up with Jack support), and then kill and restart Jack itself (otherwise it can't seem to register itself with the active coreaudiod).

From what I understand of the 10.10 security system, editing that file needs to be in single user mode, not even as root in normal mode.

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