[Jack-Devel] Looking for help setting up NetJack over WLAN from a Windoze box

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Tue May 23 16:50:13 CEST 2017

Hi all,

I'm running into issues with a project that uses JACK and would
appreciate help or pointers therewith.

The basic premise is as follows: I want to use JACK to transfer audio
from a _Windows slave_ to a _Linux master_.

I've been using the latest JACK distro I could find (1.9.10). I've
successfully got it to run using NetJack2 (with `jack_load netmanager`
on the master and `jackd -d net` on the slave). It works great...

...But it only works great over Ethernet. And I'd very much like it to
work over WLAN, which it doesn't. Over wireless, the sound is completely
garbled. AFAICT, it's a network issue.

I've tried to tinker with the options to get it to work better (say, at
the cost of latency), but with no success. If anyone has pointers has to
how to improve the setup with NetJack2 in order for it to work over
WLAN, they would be greatly appreciated.

That being said, reading the doc and looking around the web for info
suggests it might very well be the case that NetJack2 simply isn't
suited for WLAN transport. Indeed, some resources indicate that NetJack1
would be more adapted.

Trouble with that, then, is that, at least in the distro I got, NetJack1
doesn't work on Windows. Trying to start it yields the following error:
	netjack_poll not implemented
, after which the program exits.

I've seen a thread (I believe on this list) indicating that at least
some people were aware of the issue, although no solution was provided.
Given that that thread was a bit old, and assuming the above conclusion
-- that NetJack2 isn't suited to wireless -- is correct, I guess my
question boils down to:

 Can anyone tell me how I can get NetJack1 work on Windows?

Many thanks in advance, although will have some left for later,

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