[Jack-Devel] Fwd: connecting to JACKD2 with low buffer sizes

Christopher Obbard chris at 64studio.com
Wed Mar 28 01:18:50 CEST 2018

Hi Chris,

Success tonight!

Jack running nicely with -r4800 -p64 -n2 -s
The softmode flag I will talk about later...

>> Ah, I've been running mainline stable 4.14, applied CONFIG_PREEMPT and
>> ran a cyclictest on three threads with no extra load. It was giving me
>> "ok" average latency, and terrible maximum latency.
> That is exactly the point of the RT patches.  "Most" of the time latency
> is OK with the standard configuration options.  If you don't mind losing
> some data occasionally the standard kernel config options are probably OK.

I was just pointing out the latency difference between Mainline and TI
kernel with RT patch applied.

>> This time I have a printk message of "GBLCTL write error" every few us.
> Every few microseconds?  I took a quick look at the McASP documentation
> and that register looks like a control register you would setup once when
> starting the driver, and then not touch it again until you had to
> reconfigure.  If it is being written more than a couple of times something
> is wrong.  It is possible that something is triggering error handling to
> kick in, it looks like that register has to be written again in certain
> cases where clock synch is lost, or possibly lost.  Without knowing more
> details of how you configured clocking and what your hardware looks like I
> can't say much more than that could be something to investigate.

More digging (just put some printks into the kernel), it turns out
this repeated GBLCTL error is actually caused by jack xruns
automatically trying to reset the soundcard.

This repeats over & over while jack's softmode is enabled. This only
happens with really tiny period values, with 256 and above it trys to
restart the card once or twice.

[  748.951772] AUDIOTEST davinci_mcasp_start stream: 0
[  748.956704] AUDIOTEST mcasp_start_tx
[  748.960317] AUDIOTEST davinci_mcasp_start stream: 1
[  748.965219] AUDIOTEST mcasp_start_rx
[  748.969932] AUDIOTEST GBLCTL write error reg: 96 val: 1
[  748.976214] AUDIOTEST davinci_mcasp_stop stream: 0
[  748.976420] davinci-mcasp 48038000.mcasp: Transmit buffer underflow
[  748.987335] AUDIOTEST mcasp_stop_tx
[  748.990847] AUDIOTEST davinci_mcasp_stop stream: 1
[  748.995659] AUDIOTEST mcasp_stop_rx
[  748.999212] davinci-mcasp 48038000.mcasp: unhandled rx event.
rxstat: 0x00000104

I think the problem is due to the following function call happening
when Jack's started:

  > sets cpu output format
  > sets cpu sysclk
  > sets cpu tdm slot
  > sets codec sysclk & pll path

  > calls mcasp_start_tx() -- all OK
  > calls mcasp_start_rx()
      > calls mcasp_set_ctl_reg(DAVINCI_MCASP_GBLCTLR_REG, RXHCLKRST)
-- craps out setting the receive clock. This is where the GBLCTL error
message is coming from.

This then causes an xrun in jack, calling davinchi_mcasp_stop() and
then repeating all over again.

Jack with the soft flag doesn't restart the alsa driver, so all is OK
in the world there. Until there is a genuine xrun!

I've verified the bitstream looks OK on logic analyser.

Isn't software fun? :-)



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