[Jack-Devel] Linux Distro with Least problems with Jack

liebrecht at grossmann-venter.com liebrecht at grossmann-venter.com
Fri Nov 30 05:34:21 CET 2018

I am ditching my windows audio production workstation and need to get 
the Linux software under my belt. Cant work with the crashorama and 
closed nature of windows anymore. It bytes always in the end.

I therefore have to master Jack asap as it is crucial to the software I 
will use (Mixbus by Harrison).


1) Please suggest a Linux distro that you have found works best with the 
current newest Jack release

2) Please give me the best known in-depth tutorial on Jack that will get 
me up and running.

3) Please suggest the best to your experience  visual connection 
interface application that works with jack, e.g. qjackctl etc etc.


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