[Jack-Devel] tmux, systemd and jack capture

Thomas Brand tom at trellis.ch
Thu Apr 25 12:33:43 CEST 2019

On 2019-04-25 11:35, jack at microfx.de wrote:
> Hey!
> I have a hard time setting up a tmux session started with systemd on
> raspbian (patchbox OS, realtime kernel) to behaves like as if I
> started my script manually.

> Cannot use real-time scheduling (RR/70)(1: Operation not permitted)
> JackClient::AcquireSelfRealTime error

> I had this solved when starting the script manually by adding * - nice
> -20 into /etc/security/limits.conf - but this obviously is not working
> when starting the script within systemd (although same user).
> Any ideas?

it could be related to https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/11386
Quick test, is your systemd version 240?


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