[Jack-Devel] Phishing/blackmail spam

Malik Costet jack-devel at malikc.neomailbox.net
Thu Jan 10 15:14:28 CET 2019

On 2019-01-10 09:51, John Rigg wrote:
> Is anyone else receiving phishing/blackmail spam sent to
> the email address (unique in my case) they use for
> jack-devel? It seems that a list member has been
> infected with malware or someone signed up just to get
> access to list members' email addresses.
> The messages typically include the name 'Mario Moles'
> somewhere in the header or message body (location
> varies). I've seen that name before in spam sent to
> my jack-devel email address.
> John

I haven't so far. And I am using a unique address.

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