[Jack-Devel] Phishing/blackmail spam

David Nielson david at naptastic.com
Thu Jan 10 15:15:59 CET 2019

I haven't gotten any such emails. What you're seeing is (almost certainly) garden-variety
email forgery. This is possible because jrigg.co.uk is not using SPF records or DKIM
signatures. Either or both of those would prevent the phishing emails from reaching anyone.
You should add SPF and DKIM to your email server, or have your system administrator set it


On Thu, 2019-01-10 at 08:51 +0000, John Rigg wrote:
> Is anyone else receiving phishing/blackmail spam sent to
> the email address (unique in my case) they use for
> jack-devel? It seems that a list member has been
> infected with malware or someone signed up just to get
> access to list members' email addresses.
> The messages typically include the name 'Mario Moles'
> somewhere in the header or message body (location
> varies). I've seen that name before in spam sent to
> my jack-devel email address.
> John
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