[Jack-Devel] advice on xruns

liebrecht at grossmann-venter.com liebrecht at grossmann-venter.com
Sun Jul 28 17:08:48 CEST 2019

On 2019-07-28 08:15, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> On Sun, 2019-07-28 at 07:26 -0400, liebrecht at grossmann-venter.com 
> wrote:
> what have you already done?

I always used the realtime checkbox on cadence and was always suspicious 
of it.
I went and read up on it and did.
dpkg-reconfigure -p high jackd

Didnt expect it to make a difference but it did!
mixbus configured to run on 23/24 of the cores.

I changed a minimum of priorities the old way, but I am sure it made no 

I cant wait to implement the kernel options and do the priorities right.

Another question, if you all dont mind.

The process train is
1818vsl / USB system / alsa / mixbus.

I added the following wildcard processes to and.priorities just out of 
common sense. I made it up based on what was already in the file.
*	*	.*mixbus*	*       -10	-10	-10
*	*	.*alsa*		*       -10	-10	-10
*	*	.*mixbus*	*       -10	-10	-10
*	*	.*pulse*	*	-1	-1	-1
*	*	.*jack*		*       -10	-10	-10

This and the dpkg command was all I did so far

Is it preferable to set every process involved e.g. / USB system / alsa 
/ mixbus at high priority.
I mean it is easy to do it, but I just ask what your opinion is, as I 
think the entire chain needs to be at high priority to eliminate 
possible buffer problems when the buffer is that small.

I can now use 128 sample buffer with confidence as it is also working 
rocksolid at 64. Really great !

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