[Jackaudio] Question about target drivers

marijn Cinjee mscinjee at live.nl
Tue Jan 5 19:16:44 CET 2021

Hi, I have a question about the difference between

1: Targeting a driver using Port Audio
2: Selecting an interface in Jack Control

This is the situation.

I have PortAudio setup to target ASIO4ALL:
"C:\Program Files\Jack\jackd.exe" -R -S -d portaudio -d "ASIO::ASIO4ALL v2" -r48000 -p512"

What I really want to do is target Dante:
"C:\Program Files\Jack\jackd.exe" -R -S -d portaudio -d "ASIO::Dante Virtual Soundcard (x64)" r48000 -p512"

When I try this, i get the following error:

  *   Could not connect to ASIO::Dante Virtual Soundcard (x64) using default.

So, I tried thhe following.
I left my PortAudio to target ASIO4ALL

And in Jack Control I selected Dante as an output under advanced settings.

No errors this time.

So what is the difference between "targeting a driver" and selecting a default IO?

Thanks in advance.

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