[Jackaudio] JackPilot revival on macOS 64 bits systems

BAVU Eric eric.bavu at lecnam.net
Thu Jan 7 14:14:05 CET 2021

Hi Falktx,

That was unexpected, thanks a lot! I have a mac-mini M1 with me, I can test later to see how your version works.

Great that you have a M1 mac !

btw, is it possible to build it without xcode?

Since it’s a Xcode project, I don’t think it is. But if you mean « is there a way to compile it without having to learn how to use the Xcode GUI, the answer is yes (using xcodebuild in terminal).

You should be able to compile the source code directly on your Mac M1 after cloning the Jack Copilot repository, using the two following command lines :

xcodebuild -project JackCoPilot.xcodeproj -config Release -scheme JackCoPilot -archivePath ./build/JackCopilot.xcarchive archive

cp -r build/JackCopilot.xcarchive/Products/Applications/JackCoPilot.app ./build/

I’m interested though to know if the app I compiled on catalina using an Intel processor works as expected (natively, not with Rosetta) on a M1 processor. This should, but this has not been tested yet.

One thing worth noting is that on mac arm64 systems, if you start a process from within a x64 application, the child process will be x64 too. So if using qjackctl, jackpilot or something else that is built only for intel, it will start the x64 rosetta2 emulated version of jackd.

This should not be a problem with Jack Copilot, since it should be a native arm64 application when launched on a M1 :as far as I understand the way I compiled compiled using xcode, the Jack CoPilot app in the .dmg installer should be both runnable on x86_64 and apple silicon (natively) since it was compiled and contains the code for both architectures, even if I compiled it on an Intel computer.

So if you launch the complile Jack Copilot on M1, it should use the native arm compiled code, not the x64 one (unless you specify it explicitely)

Again, I’m no way a developer (just an academic researcher in acoustics), and this is my very first experience with Swift / software development and I just tried to reproduce JackPilot functionalities (except Jack Router of course) by looking at its screenshots and documentation, so I hope I did not make to much « beginner » mistakes.

Keep me posted,

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