[Jackaudio] JACK2 v1.9.17 release

Filipe Coelho falktx at falktx.com
Fri Jan 15 18:33:04 CET 2021

A new version of JACK2 has just been released.
You can grab the latest release source code at 
and macOS/Windows installers at 

This release focuses on improvements to the macOS and Windows binaries, 
now with macOS universal builds natively supporting Apple M1 hardware.
On M1 hardware, you can now have native arm64 JACK clients talk to 
Intel/x64 once and vice-versa.

On Windows, JACK-Router (the special ASIO driver that allows any 
ASIO-compatible application to talk to other JACK clients)
has been brought back, now integrated with the installer so it is much 
easier to manage.
Also, 32-bit and 64-bit clients can now be mixed without any 
side-effects to the meta-data.

Please restart the JACK server after updating to 1.9.17 on those systems.

The official changelog is:
* Add jack-router to Windows installer, opt-in
* Fix jack_control stopping after first command iteration
* Fix library compat/current version under macOS
* Fix registry keys for Windows, add 32bit compat ones on 64bit
* Fix return codes of jackd on success
* Ignore DB_VERSION_MISMATCH error on windows, it is expected
* Remove old workaround for asio4all, as it breaks with jack-router
* Support for arm64 macOS builds
* Show welcome and license pages on windows installer
* Update QjackCtl used in macOS/Windows installers to v0.9.0, with some 
commits cherry-picked from develop branch

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