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Wed Jan 27 16:55:15 CET 2021

I stumbled across Jack recently, and have been having issues getting it


I'm looking for a straightforward guide on how to configure Jack as a
network receiver on multiple Raspberry Pi's, and Jack as a network sender on
Windows.... so I can broadcast from Windows to multiple Pi's over LAN/Wifi.
I'm planning on using this for distributing audio to speakers from a live
playback and mixing system, so latency is critical.


The audio should come from the Windows system playback (a virtual audio
cable, or just capturing system audio is fine). It should transport over the
LAN/Wifi to the Pi, and then playback through the Pi's built in audio


There seem to be various solutions doing this with RTSP or Pulse, but none
are low latency, they all have 2-3 seconds of delay. I've got it working
fairly well with TuneBlade and Shairport-Sync, but the delay is still in the
1/2 second range. I've tried Max2Play, Volumio, etc... and they all have the
same latency issues.


This is where Jack seems to be the be the best solution, since it's
synchronous. I've seen various articles where others have done this, but I'm
unable to recreate their success (most articles are many years old).


Can anyone assist?


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