[Jackaudio] qjackctl (Windows 10) does not want to start my scripts

Nicolai Beuermann nicolai.beuermann at gmx.de
Tue Mar 2 20:05:54 CET 2021

from time to time i want to use qjackctl and jack under Windows 10.
So i installed latest version of jack bundle for windows (1.9.17) and
got qjackctl version: 0.9.0.

The problem i have is that the option "Execute script.." does not really
start my scripts. I've tried .bat scripts and powershell scripts, both
are running fine from commandline, but they does not work as expected
from within qjackctl.

On another win10 pc with the old version 0.3.0 the same scripts work
like a charm.

Does anybody have any clue about the right usage?

Thank you very much.


mailto: Nicolai.Beuermann at gmx.de
online: https://www.nico-beuermann.de

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