[linux-audio-announce] XAP Web Site

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Wed Jan 8 23:14:24 EST 2003

XAP Audio Plugins
XAP is an audio plugin API for instruments and effects. It is 
currently in the process of being designed by members of the LAD 
(Linux Audio Developers) mailing list. XAP is based on many man-years 
of experience with audio programming, and also draws inspiration and 
knowledge from popular industry standards, such as Steinberg's VST. 
The XAP developers are focused on creating a powerful standardized 
interface, that will allow audio applications to host instruments and 

The XAP Web Site was just updated:

	* Site split into subpages
	* Added a terminology reference
	* Added a new logo draft (Not full quality)

Site:	http://olofson.net/xap/

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