[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] swh-plugins 0.3.4

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Jan 9 07:55:41 EST 2003


Hods of changes, including:

* Bugfixes to GSM sim (Pascal Haakmat)
* Bugfixes to FM osc (Pascal Haakmat)
* Bugfixes to audio divider (Nathaniel Virgo)
* Added another compressor, SC4, stereo, no sidechain
* Added lookahead brickwall limiter
* Added L/C/R delay (requested by Marek Peteraj)
* Added Giant flanger (kind of requested by Patrick Shirkey)
* Added DJ Flanger (actually requested by Patrick Shirkey)
* Should now compile on FreeBSD
* Fixed syntax error in RDF metadata, works with Bob H's jack-rack now

I've updated the AUTHORS list, but I've undoubtedly forogtten people, so if
youre not in there and should be give me a shout.

SC4 is more-or-less like SC3, but has no sidechain and a subtly different
algorithm. The sidechain was confusing hosts.

The limiter has up to two seconds of lookahead, so can be very gentle.

The L/C/R delay might be a bit familiar to Korg Trinity users ;) I haven't
used it much bet it seems pretty cool.

The giant flanger was a mistake, but I left it in anyway.

The DJ flanger hjas controls for LFO period (instead of frequency as you
would have in a synth) and you can resync the LFO by clicking a toggled

- Steve

* This reminds me, there would be a use for a MOMENTARY hint (implying or
requiring TOGGLED) in LADSPA, that meant that a control port should only
be held high while the UI control was held down, otherise you have to
double click reset controls, which is confusing.

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