[linux-audio-announce] Freecycle 0.5alpha is out!

Predrag Viceic Predrag.Viceic at epfl.ch
Tue Aug 23 04:55:49 EDT 2005

Freecycle 0.5alpha is out!

Lot of new features in this release, among which a fully functional midi 
subsystem, allowing the assignement of midi notes to locked beatlines and 
realtime playing of midi note events. Freecycle now supports drag n'drop 
from/to or within Freecycle. Moreover, it allows the drag n'droped waves to 
be stacked and assigned to a scene.

The other new addition to Freecycle is the SoundFont export, allowing easy 
integration of the work done with Freecycle with the sequencer software such 
as Muse or Rosegarden.

Last, but not least, thanks to the sustained effort of Mat Rowlands 
(podulator), Freecycle has now an illustrated manual 
(http://savannah.nongnu.org/download/freecycle/freecycle-manual-1.0.0.tar.gz )describing 
all the features. This manual can be used standalone, or integrated with Qt 
help system directly from Freecycle.

The compilation is a bit complicated, please read the README before attempting 
the build.
New dependencies:

Predrag Viceic

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